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Carolyn is an incredibly ambitious individual whose strengths in Communications & Leadership have led her to a variety of opportunities in consulting, business and as a national award-winning published author.

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My Story

Carolyn’s public speaking, facilitation, community engagement and organizational skills ensure the highest level of time management and quality content. Carolyn is a respected community leader and business owner and a trusted professional in her numerous areas of expertise.

​​Carolyn has a long and exceptional career in communications, advertising, marketing, tourism, administration and municipal economic management, through which she understands the importance of communities to proactively work to strengthen relationships with business groups, companies and developers. Strong communities are ones that have a business culture with strong stakeholder relationships, that is open to opportunities and willing to work toward common goals and objectives that will support a resilient economic ecosystem.


​Having a keen and professional lens, Carolyn is able to assess how communities can position themselves to strengthen relationships with community groups such as those with chambers of commerce, business networks and community organizations, recognizing that each of these have an important role to play in the development of an entrepreneurial economic ecosystem. Her assessment of how groups can work to protect the interests of the community, represent and promote the local economy, encourage investment, broaden the local tax base and create employment, are all common goals that should be considered within a municipal strategic plan.​

Awards & Achievements

  • National award for her book for teen girls

  • Business Plan writing competition- $10,000 prize

  • National Customer Service Award Finalist -COSA

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic Business and Industry Dinner speake


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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